Privacy policy

1. Registrar

Tampereen Kulttuurikamari Oy
PL 500


2. Contact person in matters concerning the register

Kimmo Viikari
Tampereen Kulttuurikamari Oy
PL 500

3. Register name

Tavara-asema online service user and customer register

4. Purpose of personal data processing

Personal data is processed in connection with marketing, service development, customer surveys, contacts and other measures related to customer care.

5. Register information

The register can process, among other things, the following information necessary for the purpose of use of the register:

  • Information provided through forms such as name, email address, phone number
  • Information related to the customer relationship between the controller and the data subjects, such as possible direct marketing permits and prohibitions, as well as other communication between the parties and information related to the service
  • Information about the data subject’s behavior on the controller’s website, as well as other similar grouping information and contacts

6. Regular sources of information

The data sources are the information provided by the visitor, for example through forms.

7. Regular disclosure of information

Information is not disclosed to third parties.

8. Disclosure of information outside the EU/ETA

If necessary, the controller can also outsource the processing of personal data to companies outside the company, which can also be located in countries outside the European Union and the European Economic Area, such as the United States. These companies can process personal data to offer, for example, infrastructure and IT services, or other services such as sending newsletters. In such cases, sufficient information security and processing of the register is taken care of by the EU-U.S. – Privacy Shield – by arrangement, or by agreement using model clauses approved by the EU Commission. The personal data to be handed over can be name, address, email address and phone number.

9. Register security

Only the controller and specially named persons can access the register data. Only named persons have the right to process and maintain the data in the register. Users are bound by a duty of confidentiality.

The information network and IT equipment on which the register is located are protected by a firewall and other technical measures. The computer equipment is located in a locked and supervised space.

10. Right of inspection

As a general rule, everyone has the right to check information about themselves.

The inspection request must be made in writing with a signed letter or in person at the registrar’s office. The request is addressed to the administrator of the register.

The inspection request is free of charge once per year (12 months) at the most.

11. The right to demand correction of information

Everyone has the right to demand the correction of incorrect information in the register.

The request for correction must be made in writing and sufficiently individualized: the request must state the name and the incorrect and corrected information. The request is addressed to the administrator of the register.

12. Cookies

Cookies are used on this website.

Cookies are data describing the use of an internet service, which are stored, for example, on the user’s computer and which can be used to control communication between the internet browser and the server. Cookies can be disabled in browser settings.

13. Website usage statistics

Website usage is anonymously recorded using log files and cookies. Users’ personal data is not combined with traffic statistics.