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  • The opening times of Tavara-asema vary according to events. Please check the event calendar for opening times, events schedules and showtimes!

    Last-minute changes are possible.


    Restaurant PSTA is open

    Wednesday-Thursday 16-23 (kitchen 22)
    Friday to Saturday 14-00 (kitchen 23)

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  • Tavara-asema

    Ratapihankatu 33, 33100 Tampere



    Vellamonkatu 2, 33100 Tampere

  • Public transport in Tampere:

    Tavara-asema is conveniently located near several public transport stops. The nearest local bus stops are on Itsenäisyydenkatu, Rautatienkatu, and Hämeenkatu. By tram, the nearest stops are Tulli and Rautatieasema (Railway Station). For details on timetables and routes, see or the Nysse mobile application.

    Bus travel: Tavara-asema is located about a kilometer away from Tampere Bus Station.

    Train travel: Tavara-asema is located in the immediate vicinity of Tampere Railway Station.

    Air travel: Tampere-Pirkkala Airport is located in Pirkkala, approximately 17 kilometers from Tampere Center. The local bus number 103 services the route between the airport and Tampere Centre. For more information, see here.

    Parking: We recommend coming to Tavara-asema by foot, bike, or public transport. For guests traveling by car, there are several parking garages located near Tavara-asema, such as P-Hämppi and P-Tullintori.

    An accessible drop-off and pick-up traffic is directed via Murtokatu.


  • The cloakroom services of Tavara-asema are open on event nights, in most cases without a separate fee. For more detailed schedules and event information, see the event calendar. Overcoats, backpacks, and large bags must be left in the cloakroom.

  • Any items left at Tavara-asema will be delivered to Pirkanmaan Löytötavaratoimisto (Lost Property Office of Pirkanmaa), where you can make inquiries by phone, tel. 0600 300 758.

    For more information, see their website.

  • Tavara-asema provides the most interesting gigs and events within the historical walls of a former freight station! See the event calendar for more detailed schedules and event information. Last-minute changes are possible.

  • At Tavara-asema, we are actively working for your safety. We recommend protecting your hearing during concerts. Ear plugs are available for purchase at the bar.

    It is not allowed to bring any of the following items to Tavara-asema events:

    • Professional system cameras or video recorders without clearing them with the organizers in advance
    • Umbrellas
    • Glass bottles and cans (regardless of content)
    • Alcohol and other narcotic substances
    • Firearms, blades or knives, heavy chains, explosives, fireworks, flares or lasers.
    • Multipurpose tools
    • Pets
    • Camping chairs
    • Attention vests or jackets
    • Packed lunches (small snacks like bars and nuts are allowed)
    • Strollers

    Crowd surfing is prohibited for safety reasons.

    Please be prepared to let the security personnel inspect the contents of your bag if necessary. The list above may be amended upon a change of safety protocols or any particular event requirements.

    Anti-harassment and Anti-discrimination Guidelines

    Tavara-asema is a discrimination-free space. We do not tolerate any kind of harassment based on such things as ethnic background, skin color, or sexual orientation. Should you witness any distressing, disturbing, or inappropriate behavior at a Tavara-asema event, please report this immediately to a member of the security team or staff.

    Tavara-asema also has a designated harassment contact person who you can contact if necessary. All messages to the harassment contact person will be treated with the utmost confidentiality and, if required, anonymously.

    Harassment Contact Person: lotta(at)

    Safe Space Guidelines

    • We value our guests equally. If you discriminate or disrespect others, you may be removed from the premises.
    • Don’t make assumptions or call names. You cannot assume other people’s gender, sexual orientation, capabilities, wealth, or background just by looking.
    • Respect people’s right to physical integrity. You cannot touch others without their permission. Sexual harassment is a crime, and we have zero tolerance for it.
    • Any violent behavior will lead to removal from premises and legal ramifications.
    • If you experience discrimination, threats, or harassment or see someone acting in a dangerous manner, please contact our staff. We promise to intervene and help anyone get safely out from of a distressing situation.
    • The same rights and responsibilities apply equally to our staff and performers. They are here for you – so please also respect their right to work in peace and don’t hesitate to ask for help if needed.
  • Guests with mobility aids can easily attend Tavara-asema events. The entrance, cloakroom, and the entire main floor are accessible. An accessible drop-off and pick-up traffic is directed via Murtokatu.

    In standing-room concerts, guests with mobility restrictions and their assistants have a designated viewing area near the stage on the left side of the venue, where our staff can help them if needed. If the customer needs time to reach the viewing area, it is possible to enter the venue before the start of the event. Please contact us in advance by email at tavara-asema(at)

    In most cases, personal assistants can accompany their clients to our events without a separate assistant ticket. If necessary, we will ask to verify the need for a personal assistant, for example with an EU Disability Card bearing the symbol A.

    Tavara-asema is fitted with a hearing induction loop system. Should you have any questions concerning accessibility, please contact us before the event by emailing tavara-asema(at)

    Tavara-asema’s restrooms are gender-neutral.

  • It is usually allowed to take photos with your phone without a flash during gigs, concerts, and other events. In some cases, this may be forbidden due to a request from the artist or the nature of the event.

    Tavara-asema can be found on Facebook and Instagram. Please be aware that you will need permission before photographing and publishing photos of our staff or other event guests. When planning to publish photos of the artists for anything but your own personal use, you will need a press permission from a representative of the artist.

    No professional camera equipment, such as system cameras or camera stands, can be brought to the premises without express permission. For copyright reasons, recording or filming of concerts is not allowed.


    Event organizers are responsible for media accreditations for their own events. Members of the media or anyone taking pictures at an event for anything other than their own personal use are requested to directly contact the event organizer or us at tavara-asema(at), so we can forward your request.

    Interested in Gig Photography?

    Tampereen Kulttuurikamari has an active group of photographers with an avid interest in gig photography. If you are interested in joining this voluntary group of photographers, you are welcome to contact markkinointi(at)

  • Event organizers are responsible for media accreditations for their own events. Members of the media are requested to directly contact the event organizer or us at tavara-asema(at), so we can forward your request.

  • For most of Tavara-asema events, tickets are available for purchase in advance. Ticket sales are handled by Tiketti. We recommend buying tickets only from our official ticketing partners. For reselling any surplus tickets safely and reliably, please go to

    Ticket prices include service/delivery fee unless otherwise specified.

    Links to advance online tickets can be found in the event calendar, where you can also see if an event is sold out. If the event is sold out, there will be no tickets available at the door. We will announce any exceptions to this on our website and social media.

    Advance tickets may be marked either S or K-18. If an underaged guest holds a ticket marked K-18, this does not mean that they will be granted access to the licensed area without proof of identification. Likewise, if a guest over the age of 18 holds a ticket marked S or K-15, they can enter a licensed area with proof of identification. Age limits in advance tickets give us an idea of the expected age distribution of an event, helping us determine the appropriate sizes of the licensed area versus the area for our underaged guests.

  • The age limit for most gigs and concerts at Tavara-asema is 18. Some concerts may be allowed for those under 18 (marked S or S/K18, with a restricted licensed area for serving alcohol). For event-specific information, see the event calendar.

  • Built in 1907, so only six years Tullikamari’s junior, both the Art Nouveau Tavara-asema and its neighbor, the wooden Puutalo, were designed by Bruno Granholm. Granholm (1857–1930) worked as the main architect for the then Railway Administration in 1892–1926, which is why you can still see wooden station houses like Puutalo all across Finland.

    Originally, the Tavara-asema building was used for receiving, dispatching, and temporarily storing freight. In later decades, the building served in such capacities as a storage and practice hall of the Tampere Opera. The building became redundant in its original use when the new freight depot was established in the Viinikka railyard, and the old freight station was in danger of being demolished.

    However, Tavara-asema was given a new lease on life thanks to a local grass-roots movement putting together a petition against demolition. The frontman of Tampereen Kulttuurikamari Ltd., Tero Viikari, also spoke for the preservation of the building, mentioning as early as 2013 that should the building be saved, he could find a use for it. In 2016, the Tampere City Council approved plans to move the freight station building on the site of old Morkku, the railway workers’ association building.

    The much-debated move of the freight station building took place in July 2020, when the building was lifted up 1,4 meters and moved approximately 28 meters towards Tammela and away from the site of the new Ratapihankatu in a three-hour operation.

    At the beginning of 2021, Tampereen Kulttuurikamari Ltd. was offered the chance to helm the building’s future operations. Since then, a new concert and events venue began to take shape inside the historical walls of the old freight station, with the first public event held on 13 January 2023.

    Like its sister venue Tullikamari, Tavara-asema is operated by Tampereen Kulttuurikamari Ltd. As an events and concert venue, Tavara-asema is a space with the capacity for more than 1 000 people, divided on two floors, the balcony, and the main floor. This atmospheric building brings together a historical setting, modern technology, and agile service design, not forgetting our friendly customer service. In the future, both Tampereen Kulttuurikamari venues will operate complementing each other and offering versatile, fresh, and top-quality experiences for both concertgoers and corporate clients.

  • Tavara-asema is a concert and events venue with a capacity for more than 1 000 people. The space is divided in two floors. The main floor and entrance are accessible. There are gender-neutral restrooms on both floors.

    The technology at Tavara-asema is high quality and modern. Find out more about our facilities.

  • Tavara-asema is a perfect space for atmospheric private or corporate events, from gala dinners to trade fairs or staff parties.

    Fill in our contact form and our sales department will get back to you soon! For further information, see Facilities and Services page.

  • Tampereen Kulttuurikamari Oy, 1702195-9

    Finvoice e-invoicing address: 003717021959, Opentext Oy, OVT number 003708599126

    By email:


    Paper invoices: Tampereen Kulttuurikamari Oy, 

    PL 62663, 01051 LASKUT

    Item of expenditure: Tavara-asema

  • Tampereen Kulttuurikamari Oy

    PL 500



    Tavara-asema: Ratapihankatu 33, 33101 Tampere

    Klubi: Tullikamarin aukio 2, 33101 Tampere

    Pakkahuone: Pakkahuoneenaukio 2, 33101 Tampere 


    p. +358 3 343 9933


    Further inquiries: tavara-asema(at)

  • Positions currently open:

    RECRUITING: We are looking for bar staff and event catering staff for Tavara-asema!

    Read more:


    Informal application

    You can email an informal application for a job or internship or further inquiries to tavara-asema(at) We recommend sending your message with an informative heading, such as: “Job application / Intern application”.


Emails: firstname(at)

Events, Facilities, Marketing, and Sales

Janne Laurila, Ohjelmapäällikkö

Janne Laurila
Programme Manager

Kristiina Paananen
Marketing and Sales Manager

Catta Oras, Myyntikoordinaattori, tilavuokraus

Catta Oras
Sales Coordinator

Administration and Management

Tero Viikari, Kehitysjohtaja

Tero Viikari
Chairman of the Board

Kimmo Viikari, Toimitusjohtaja

Kimmo Viikari
Chief Executive Officer

Katja Karppinen
Office Manager

Production and safety

Lotta Ahtinen, Tuotantopäällikkö

Lotta Ahtinen
Production Manager

Klas Granqvist
Senior Technical Producer

Vesa Aalto
Security Manager

Restaurant and Kitchen

Mirka Sirviä-Mäkelä,

Mirka Sirviä-Mäkelä
Restaurant Manager

Janne Salonen,
Keittiöpäällikkö / Brocco Catering

Janne Salonen
Head Chef / Brocco Catering