For most of Tavara-asema events, tickets are available for purchase in advance. Ticket sales are handled by Tiketti. We recommend buying tickets only from our official ticketing partners. For reselling any surplus tickets safely and reliably, please go to

Ticket prices include service/delivery fee unless otherwise specified.

Links to advance online tickets can be found in the event calendar, where you can also see if an event is sold out. If the event is sold out, there will be no tickets available at the door. We will announce any exceptions to this on our website and social media.

Advance tickets may be marked either S or K18. If an underaged guest holds a ticket marked K18, this does not mean that they will be granted access to the licensed area without proof of identification. Likewise, if a guest over the age of 18 holds a ticket marked S or S/K18, they can enter a licensed area with proof of identification. Age limits in advance tickets give us an idea of the expected age distribution of an event, helping us determine the appropriate sizes of the licensed area versus the area for our underaged guests.