Gig Buddy -pilot

During 2024, Tampereen Kulttuurikamari Ltd will pilot the Gig Buddy service, which aims to create safer event experiences and diversify the customer experience for lonely event-goers. The Gig Buddy service is for people who go to cultural events but may not have a close network of friends or like-minded gig-goers. 

We are using a form to identify those who would like to volunteer for Gig Buddy and those who could use the service to attend events. Gig Buddy volunteers will be available to accompany you to various events at Tullikamari and Tavara-asema. The form asks for your wishes and thoughts about Gig Buddy service, either as Gig Buddy, as a service user, or both.

Gig Buddy is a substace free service. Being a Gig Buddy does not require any professional skills, as it is not a therapeutic service and the Gig Buddy is not responsible for physical assistance. Gig Buddy keeps company and provides an opportunity for someone who would not go to an event alone. Being a Gig Buddy is voluntary and based on openness and trust. Gig Buddy is an activity managed by Tampereen Kulttuurikamari Ltd. and volunteers are trained before their first encounters. 

Use this form to volunteer as Gig Buddy!