Safety and Safe Space Guidelines

At Tavara-asema, we are actively working for your safety. We recommend protecting your hearing during concerts. Ear plugs are available for purchase at the bar.

It is not allowed to bring any of the following items to Tavara-asema events:

  • Professional system cameras or video recorders without clearing them with the organizers in advance
  • Umbrellas
  • Glass bottles and cans (regardless of content)
  • Alcohol and other narcotic substances
  • Firearms, blades or knives, heavy chains, explosives, fireworks, flares or lasers.
  • Multipurpose tools
  • Pets
  • Camping chairs
  • Attention vests or jackets
  • Packed lunches (small snacks like bars and nuts are allowed)
  • Strollers
  • Selfie sticks and gimbals

Crowd surfing is prohibited for safety reasons.

Please be prepared to let the security personnel inspect the contents of your bag if necessary. The list above may be amended upon a change of safety protocols or any particular event requirements.

Anti-harassment and Anti-discrimination Guidelines

Tavara-asema is a discrimination-free space. We do not tolerate any kind of harassment based on such things as ethnic background, skin color, or sexual orientation. Should you witness any distressing, disturbing, or inappropriate behavior at a Tavara-asema event, please report this immediately to a member of the security team or staff.

Tavara-asema also has a designated harassment contact person who you can contact if necessary. All messages to the harassment contact person will be treated with the utmost confidentiality and, if required, anonymously.

Harassment Contact Person: lotta(at)

Safe Space Guidelines

  • We value our guests equally. If you discriminate or disrespect others, you may be removed from the premises.
  • Don’t make assumptions or call names. You cannot assume other people’s gender, sexual orientation, capabilities, wealth, or background just by looking.
  • Respect people’s right to physical integrity. You cannot touch others without their permission. Sexual harassment is a crime, and we have zero tolerance for it.
  • Any violent behavior will lead to removal from premises and legal ramifications.
  • If you experience discrimination, threats, or harassment or see someone acting in a dangerous manner, please contact our staff. We promise to intervene and help anyone get safely out from of a distressing situation.
  • The same rights and responsibilities apply equally to our staff and performers. They are here for you – so please also respect their right to work in peace and don’t hesitate to ask for help if needed.