Puutalo, located in the courtyard of the Tavara-asema, has escape rooms, a pasta restaurant, and office spaces

The historic Puutalo is a former railway workers’ residential building from the 20th century. Puutalo was designed by the chief architect of The Finnish Railroad Board, Bruno Granholm, who also designed the Tavara-asema located next door. You can find many similar wooden station buildings like the Puutalo around Finland. There is new life breathed into Puutalo once again with various operations. Stay tuned for news about Puutalo by following Tavara-asema’s social media channels.

Restaurant PSTA 

Restaurant PSTA can be found next door to Tavara-asema. A warm-hearted, high-quality restaurant complements the courtyard of Tavara-asema, and brings wonderful restaurant experiences within reach of culture lovers. PSTA is located just a couple of minutes walk from Tampere railway station, and there are plenty of hotels nearby. The restaurant also has a bar where you can stop for drinks and a cabinet that can be rented for small gatherings. There is also a terrace between Tavara-asema and Puutalo, where you are welcome to enjoy the Finnish summer.

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Getaway Room Escape

In the basement of Puutalo situates Getaway Room Espace’s newest branch. From there you can find two escape rooms, Finlayson’s Electric Light and Smugglers. The third espace room will be opening in the year 2024.

The themes of the escape rooms are, as usual for Getaway, inspired by Tampere and its events and places. Players can travel to the year 1882 when the first electric light in the Nordic countries was turned on at the Finlayson area in Tampere. We have designed the escape rooms in such a way that new experiences and surprises are in store for beginners as well as escape room veterans, says Getaway Room Escape’s operational manager Arlene Ojala.

Getaway Room Escape’s entrance is on the left side of the PSTA restaurant’s entrance.

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