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  • Tampereen Kulttuurikamari Oy
    PL 500

    Tavara-asema: Ratapihankatu 33, 33100 Tampere
    Klubi: Tullikamarin aukio 2, 33100 Tampere
    Pakkahuone: Pakkahuoneenaukio 2, 33100 Tampere 

    p. +358 3 343 9933

    Further inquiries: tavara-asema(at)kulttuurikamari.fi

  • Built in 1907, so only six years Tullikamari’s junior, both the Art Nouveau Tavara-asema and its neighbor, the wooden Puutalo, were designed by Bruno Granholm. Granholm (1857–1930) worked as the main architect for the then Railway Administration in 1892–1926, which is why you can still see wooden station houses like Puutalo all across Finland.

    Originally, the Tavara-asema building was used for receiving, dispatching, and temporarily storing freight. In later decades, the building served in such capacities as a storage and practice hall of the Tampere Opera. The building became redundant in its original use when the new freight depot was established in the Viinikka railyard, and the old freight station was in danger of being demolished.

    However, Tavara-asema was given a new lease on life thanks to a local grass-roots movement putting together a petition against demolition. The frontman of Tampereen Kulttuurikamari Ltd., Tero Viikari, also spoke for the preservation of the building, mentioning as early as 2013 that should the building be saved, he could find a use for it. In 2016, the Tampere City Council approved plans to move the freight station building on the site of old Morkku, the railway workers’ association building.

    The much-debated move of the freight station building took place in July 2020, when the building was lifted up 1,4 meters and moved approximately 28 meters towards Tammela and away from the site of the new Ratapihankatu in a three-hour operation.

    At the beginning of 2021, Tampereen Kulttuurikamari Ltd. was offered the chance to helm the building’s future operations. Since then, a new concert and events venue began to take shape inside the historical walls of the old freight station, with the first public event held on 13 January 2023.

    Like its sister venue Tullikamari, Tavara-asema is operated by Tampereen Kulttuurikamari Ltd. As an events and concert venue, Tavara-asema is a space with the capacity for more than 1 000 people, divided on two floors, the balcony, and the main floor. This atmospheric building brings together a historical setting, modern technology, and agile service design, not forgetting our friendly customer service. In the future, both Tampereen Kulttuurikamari venues will operate complementing each other and offering versatile, fresh, and top-quality experiences for both concertgoers and corporate clients.

  • Tavara-asema’s values are:

    • Authenticity
    • Client-centered
    • Diversity of content
    • Responsibility towards both the environment and other people
    • Equality


Emails: firstname(at)kulttuurikamari.fi

Events, Facilities, Marketing, and Sales

Janne Laurila
Program Manager

Kristiina Paananen
Marketing and Sales Manager

Catta Oras
Account Manager

Administration and Management

Tero Viikari
Chairman of the Board

Kimmo Viikari
Chief Executive Officer

Katja Karppinen
Office Manager

Production and safety

Lotta Ahtinen
Production Manager

Kristian Kuronen
Technical specialist / Technical Producer

Vesa Aalto
Security Manager

Restaurant and Kitchen

Mirka Sirviä-Mäkelä
Restaurant Manager

Janne Salonen
Head Chef / Brocco Catering